Consulting, Requirements Assessment and Analysis, Training

Consultancy on all aspects of industrial ICT management, from the computerization of processes, to the transition to TPM methodologies, to industry 4.0 and development of ad hoc software applications.
Processes analysis, to identify items that would benefit from computerization.
Teseo walks along its client from step one, through the requirements analysis and assessments, to detailed studies of the possible solutions, up to the training which follows the implementation of the service and support.

The offer of Teseo goes beyond that of the individual company: we are part of thick network of companies and consortia which cooperate and trade knowledge and competences, creating synergy.
We aim at a reciprocal knowledge and at the loyalty of clients, to better understand their needs, thoroughly and in-depth.

Teseo Software

Supply of the asset management software and related services, including assessment, training, and support. Specific expansion modules, mobile apps, and specific assistance contracts. System customization and adaptation.

Direct and "familiar" approach: the software is customized starting from an in-depth knowledge of the client and its needs. Unlike the other "off the self" proprietary software, ours is adapted perfectly to the client's requirements.

Systemic Support, Hardware Sale, and Cloud Services.

Teseo also offers Hardware services, in addition to software related ones. We offer system consultancies and hardware supplies, from the individual pc, to the complete organizational system, both as in-house solution, and as cloud solution, walking the client through the outlining of his own needs to the possible solutions, and up to its installation and assistance.