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Teseo was born in 1998, as a spin-off of a partner company of Hewlett-Packard, presenting itself as a supplier of system support services. 2003 was the year of the breakthrough. The corporate structure changed, and the new management focused the business towards the GIS markets.

A new framework based platform was developed, with standard and open technologies, capable of interfacing with all the commonly used GIS engines and databases of reference. The adopted model shifted from a software-oriented approach to a data-oriented one.

The acquisition of a contract by a multinational oil&gas company allowed Teseo to test its acquired skills in the industrial field. Starting from the digitalization and reorganization of the data and documents of the technical office, a series of complementary software modules that tackle all the usual processes of a complex industrial plant (maintenance, operating manuals, inspection and testing, technical archive, engineering, space management, etc.) was developed.

Through laser technologies and reverse engineering procedures, knowledge relating to not recently installed plants was acquired. Open-eFM was born from this experience, an ERP software platform for Technical Asset Management.

The success of Open e-FM cast Teseo in the future, a future outlined by the design of global technological solutions, innovative, scalable, and low cost, at the service of companies.


Costruiamo il successo dei nostri clienti grazie ad un specifico know-how e allo sviluppo di soluzioni personalizzate a supporto dei processi di business nell’ambito dell’operation & mantainance di impianti complessi. Le nostre soluzioni consentono di acquisire, elaborare, condividere e utilizzare i dati che arrivano dagli impianti (dati di campi) per orientare le decisioni di business.


From the mere management of technical processes to the attention to Big Data and IOT, to new models of plant management. We support the smart factories of the future, enabling an agile and slender business model, in which new technologies interconnect objects and processes along the value chain.

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